The French Bulldog

I am not a pig.
I am not a pug.
My ears havent been cropped.
My tail hasnt been docked.
I didnt run into a wall or get hit in the face with a fry pan.
I do not bite but my owner is another matter altogether.
That noise is how I breathe, I am not growling at your child.
Im not so ugly Im almost cute and anyone who`d say that is so stupid theyre almost smart.
I am a french bulldog and Im perfect in every way.

lørdag 26. juni 2010

Siste innkjøpt klesplagg

Jeg falt pladask for denne dongrikjolen, utrolig kuul og passer godt på en stankelbein som meg. ;) Kjøpt på Lene V, merke Sisters Point.

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