The French Bulldog

I am not a pig.
I am not a pug.
My ears havent been cropped.
My tail hasnt been docked.
I didnt run into a wall or get hit in the face with a fry pan.
I do not bite but my owner is another matter altogether.
That noise is how I breathe, I am not growling at your child.
Im not so ugly Im almost cute and anyone who`d say that is so stupid theyre almost smart.
I am a french bulldog and Im perfect in every way.

tirsdag 14. september 2010

Photoshoot at 6 months

Hipp hurra for Una som allerede har rukket å bli et halvt år! :) I den forbindelse arrangerte jeg en liten photoshoot med en noe mer eller mindre engasjert firbent. ;) Enjoy!

The french bulldog

The explorer

The chewer

The clown

The curious

The cutie!

The monster

The supermodel

The deadbeat - end of session ;)